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I have laid out my work history like a resume with the most current on top. What you will find here is greater detail than a resume.  Currently, this only goes back to 1996 When I move to Florida. Prior to that please see my resume. You can get a detailed copy by request.

Most Precious Blood Catholic Church

Employed from July 2019 to the present
My position is; Operations Manager.

The Operations Manager supports the pastor’s responsibilities for the Parish and is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the parish as they apply to staff positions supporting accounting, maintenance, volunteers, education, training, vendor management, and all other projects as defined by the Pastor.  In collaboration with the Pastor, the Operations Manager develops comprehensive planning, implementation and evaluation of the Parish’s goals and objectives. The Operations Manager enables the efficient and effective administration of Parish resources.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities: Other duties may be assigned.

Facilities Management:

  • Supervises maintenance staff and instructs them in general custodial tasks and reviews performance.
  • Creates daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual 5-year maintenance schedules and a daily log for each maintenance member.
  • Oversees all major renovations and repairs.
  • Verifies contractor activity.
  • Coordinates security measures to protect staff and volunteers – handles after-hours support for security, alarms, and all personnel on the campus site.


  • Responsible for planning and implementation of all parish projects as defined and approved by the Pastoral Council and the pastor.
  • Continues collaborative working relationship between the Chancery Office, Parish Finance Council, and the Parish.
  • Participates in Pastoral Council and Finance Council meetings; develops collaborative relationships between the various ministries and outreach programs.
  • Develops and creates a strong volunteer base, which includes an annual recognition program.
  • Develops and creates a welcome program for visitors.


  • Updates job descriptions for all staff as required.
  • Oversees the administration of salaries and diocesan benefit programs.
  • Supervises and directs clerical support staff.
  • Participates in employee hiring and separations of the parish in collaboration with the Pastor.
  • Effectively communicates responsibilities to staff and ensures they have the necessary tools to succeed.
  • Maintains effective communication with appropriate personnel.
  • Initiates a performance review program according to diocesan policies and procedures.
  • Maintains an open channel of communication with the Pastor.


  • Reviews and approves regular payroll for Parish.
  • Assists in notifying payroll service of changes in employee salaries.
  • Prepares bank deposits and records receipts.
  • Prepares vouchers including coding and payment of outstanding invoices.
  • Oversee parish offering envelope.
  • Liaison for the parish with the Diocesan Shared Accounting Services (DSAS). Duties include:
    • Review and coding of Bank Deposits for all forms of revenue received.
    • Review and coding of invoices in preparation for approval.
    • Process check requests and hand check notices as required.
    • Provide other accounting information and backup for posting in the Parish’s GL.
    • Compile, Scan, and Email Weekly Accounting Packages with the above information to DSAS.
  • Review monthly and periodic financial reporting with DSAS Staff.

Christie Lites

Employed from March 2018 to June 2019
My position is; Business Intelligence Supervisor.

  • Oversee business intelligence activities;
    • Business Reports(Monthly production reports, equipment loss, breakage)
    • Performance Reports (employee performance, production quotas for shipping)
    • Commission and bonus Analysis (Prepare monthly and quarterly commission and bonus analysis spreadsheets for analysis from main database and financial application software)
    • Ordering (provide (order support for Sales and rental representatives as needed.)
    • Operations Analysis (Prepare monthly and quarterly operations analysis reports from main database and financial application software)
    • Daily Monthly and Quarterly financial reports
    • Analysis Reports (Various analysis reports in the form of spreadsheets derived from main database and financial applications software
    • Customer and Vendor setups (Enter and update Vendor and Customer new date entry and data update in main operations database and financial application software.)
  • Obtain and monitor daily bank account activity and interface with Analysts A/P and A/R to address any issues and ensure all accounts are current and accurate.
    • Download daily reconciliation sheets from banks and review them for abnormal activity
    • alert Analysts, A/P and/or A/R of any abnormal bank activity and assist in reconciling the issue.
    • Contact the accountant or the bank as necessary to resolve any out of the ordinary issues.
  • Process and review employee expense reports,
  • Perform monthly bank reconciliations.
  • Create, modify Company and department flowcharts that define task step by step work processes using Visio.
  • Perform administrative duties in the management of staff including; timekeeping, payroll management, reviews and addressing personnel issues.
  • Create documentation as needed including and miscellaneous spreadsheets as needed. And other duties as requested.

Florida Hospital

Employed from September 2012 to January 2018
My position started out as a contractor and a year and a half later was made permanent. I held various positions see the descriptions below.

Consultant -Lost Linen Analyst
  • Investigated and evaluated linen loss at Florida Hospital 7 main campuses. Became familiar with various hospital departments and processes to evaluate linen loss and assist in loss prevention. Review, document and report on how hospital linen is lost. Developed loss prevention strategies. Implemented loss prevention concepts.
Linen Distribution Manager
  • For the Florida Hospital Orlando campus of 1200 beds, I evaluated, developed and implemented a bulk linen distribution operation replacing a struggling linen exchange cart system. Evaluated Environmental Services participation in linen distribution process at the hospitals. Perform and participate with accreditation activities for ISO 9000 and AHCA. Evaluated space for bulk linen operations, interfaced with hospital senior management and reviewed process improvements in linen delivery to minimize linen tech presence in patient areas, improve linen delivery, reduce hospital elevator traffic, eliminate bulk linen storage in hallways and assist in meeting hospital compliance with hospital accreditation regulations. Selected and developed a 14 man team for bulk linen delivery operations in the hospital. Improved soiled linen collection operations by implementing linen team collection process and was a part of the Ginsburg chute activation project.
  • Interface with nursing staff and other care givers on various linen issues, troubleshooting linen shortages, and linen quality issues. Reviewed linen conservation methods and linen loss issues, educated care givers on linen loss prevention.
  • Assigned to the new Florida Hospital Laundry to review and assist in enhancing the laundry efficiency by interfacing with laundry managers, observing operations, evaluation areas of improvement, evaluating linen delivery and receipt process and linen weight tracking. Evaluating Laundry primary software application, LinenMaster and LinenHelper. Reconstruction the primary laundry software to purge stagnant out of date data, make better/full use of LinenMaster functionality, improve tracking, reporting and billing with the software.
  • Manage 3 teams (up to 50 total team members) of Linen Service Specialists in 5 campus hospitals that deliver linens to the over 300 linen service carts. The LSS provides 24/7 service insuring patient needs for linens are met. As Manager my responsibilities include overseeing operations, staffing, product logistics, customer interface satisfaction needs and complaints, employee relations, scheduling, among other activities are required.
Data Manager/Financial Coordinator
  • Data analysis for various laundry statistics, data compliance, work with contract documents and assist the Laundry Director as required. (This was a combination manufacturing type and processing type of environment
  • Perform Customer billing manage A/R, Financial study and price assessments, reconcile employee timekeeping, process payroll matters and bonuses.

United Space Alliance

Employed from September 1996 to July 2011 (the end of the Space Shuttle Program)
My position is split between two primary categories, Support Test Manager and Duty Officer.

Support Test Manager (STM)

As a Support Test Manager, I perform many ground support functions in support of the United States Space Shuttle at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. These tasks require several years of training to attain proficiency and required certifications, involve many people and various professional disciplines. The following is a list of the major job functions an STM performs and some detail for each. I perform these activities as required in support of a ‘shuttle flow’ (Shuttle processing from wheels stop on the runway at landing until the shuttle clears the tower at launch) on a rotating schedule with coworkers. (there are only 12 people who perform this function)

  • Space Shuttle Roll Out – The STM is responsible for the rollout of the Space Shuttle to the pad. As an STM it is my responsibility to coordinate and execute the operation of relocating the Space Shuttle assembly from the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) to the Launch Pad. I perform this operation from the Firing Room in the Launch Control Center (LCC) at Kennedy Space Center. This process takes about 3 days from start to finish. As part of that process, I perform the following functions.
    • Implement preparations for the roll out to the pad. Preparations include:
      • The coordinating the placement of portable power units on the Mobile Launch Platform (MLP).
      • Implementing crawler way maintenance.
      • Implementing disconnects for Pneumatics, HVAC, Water, Electrical and Fire Suppression systems on Access platforms.
      • Implementing Access Platform retractions after disconnects are complete.
    • Perform Call to stations. (assemble teams/crews)
    • Execute instructions to begin the operation. This operation includes:
      • Implementing instructions to open the VAB doors and installing threshold plates.
      • Implementing instructions to disconnect Pneumatics, HVAC, Water, Electrical and Fire Suppression systems from the MLP.
      • Implementing instructions to remove access platforms and connections to the MLP.
      • Implementing instructions to jack the MLP when all disconnects are complete.
    • Obtain concurrence from the launch director to move the shuttle to the pad.
    • Execute instructions to the crawler to proceed to the pad.
    • Handle any issues that arise while in route to the pad.
    • At the pad execute instructions to set the Mobile Launch Platform (MLP) down.
    • Execute instructions to reconnect Electrical, Pneumatics, Water, HVAC, Fire Suppression, Communications and other various platforms and access ways.
    • Execute instructions for the crawler to relocate.
    • Execute instructions to rotate the shuttle protective structure known as the Rotating Service Structure (RSS).
  • Solid Rocket Motors (SRM) Move Director – As the move Director for Space Shuttle Solid Rocket Motors it is my responsibility to coordinate and execute the operation of relocating solid rocket motors to the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) and within the Rotation and Processing Facility. I perform this operation out in the field with the crews at Kennedy Space Center as a Task Team Leader. This process takes about 1 to 2 hours from start to finish and is a hazardous operation requiring all personnel to be cleared from the area except certified move personnel. As part of this process, I perform the following functions.
    • Assemble the move crew and perform a pre-task briefing to review the procedure and safety rules.
    • Direct all move activities and report progress to the Test Team in the Firing room.
    • Coordinate and observe the operation in progress and address any issues that arise.
  • Support Test Conductor for Space Shuttle Launches – The STM is a Test Conductor for Shuttle Launches and it is my responsibility to participate in the launch of the Space Shuttle. Launch countdown typically begins 4 days before the launch. At that time the STM console is manned 24 hours a day through launch and for 2 to 3 days after launch. As a part of this team, I have participated in and conducted the preparation of the launch pad for launch. Preparations include:
    • Implementing instructions to clear the pad of non-essential equipment materials and other items.
    • Implementing instructions to secure launch pad facilities.
    • Implementing instructions to refuel the Liquid Hydrogen and Liquid Oxygen spheres (used to fuel the Space Shuttle).
    • Implementing instructions to prepare the Launch Complex 39 area for launch (Traffic control, Visitor area preparations, General security)
  • As the launch countdown continues The STM orchestrates activities to close out the pad and rotate the Rotating Service Structure (RSS) away from the Space Shuttle. As a part of this team, I have participated in and conducted these activities. During the final 8 hours of the launch countdown, the STM acts as liaisons for the ground support systems and interfaces with the Launch Director and The Nasa Test Directors. The STM directs ground support systems include the electrical console monitoring LC-39 electrical systems, Pneumatics which is monitoring high pressure gases supplied to the complex and pads, Firex/water console monitoring fire suppression systems and water systems for the complex and the pads, HVAC console monitoring heating and air conditioning systems for the complex and the pads, and other ground support systems including structures, elevators, Heavy Equipment, High crews, and operations and processing support. After launch the STM immediately begins coordinating fire suppression to report the automatic activation of fire suppression systems at the launch pad and within the mobile launch platform and to facilitate the safe re-entry into the launch pad area for safing teams. Once the pad area is safe and cleared of launch hazards the STM begins the process of reconfiguring the pad to normal status. This process includes:
    • Implementing instructions to perform pad automatic washdowns.
    • Implementing instructions to perform manual washdowns.
    • Implementing instructions to reopen secured pad facilities.
    • Implementing instructions to perform damage inspections and coordinate damage reports.
    • Implementing instructions to restore the pad to normal operations and begin pad repairs, and normal operations.
  •  Curator for Operations and Maintenance Instructions (OMI) – The STM has the responsibility to conduct and participate in the review and update of documents used in the ground support operations for the Space Shuttle. These documents are the step by step instructions for various tasks and operations. The OMI us the primary instructions set for all work done at the Space Center and for ground support systems orchestrated by the STM from the Firing room Console or the Duty Office Console. They also perform and participate in the accreditation activities for ISO 9000, 9001 and the Star program and the continued efforts to maintain acredidation.
  • Programmer and Web Curator – Two functions associated with my skills are as Web Curator for the STM website on the United Space Alliance intranet and as a programmer. For programming, it is my responsibility to evaluate, design and construct computer applications that can improve or enhance daily work activities for the STM department. In cases where programming requirements require extensive comprehensive or enterprise level programming I procure and facilitate advanced programming personnel. The following is a list of applications I developed:
    • Constraints Automated Tracking System (CATS) – CATS is a web-based application I wrote using Cold Fusion that interfaces with an Oracle Database. This application is used in the processing of the Space Shuttle to track constraints to a host of processing activities up to and including Launch. This application became an enterprise application and was turned over to the Company Information Management Organization.
    • Electronic Open Item Review Signature System (e-OIRss) – e-OIRss is a web-based application I wrote using Cold Fusion that interfaces with an Oracle Database and an Access database front end used to enable Engineers and technicians to electronically sign off on open items to be reviewed. This application became an enterprise application and was turned over to the Company Information Management Organization.
    • The KSC Electronic Weather Log – The KSC Electronic weather log is an application I wrote to replace a paper log system for the tracking of and recording of weather events at the Kennedy Space Center. This application has three components. The first is a database which I constructed using Access. The database is split with the back-end data repository in Oracle and a front end Access application used in the USA Duty Office for data capture. The third component is a web page written using Cold Fusion that interfaces with the Oracle data to display, in real time, information about active weather events at the Space Center. The development of this application became an enterprise system and required that I include Information Management programming developers for corporate and government configuration control.
    • The STM Web Page – The STM Web Page is a web page that I wrote in Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) utilizing some Javascript to provide the STM department personnel quick and easy access to other websites on the USA intranet and on the internet. These sites provide important key information used daily in performing primarily Duty Office operations including general weather information, Duty Office logs, Shuttle information sites and other. I maintain this site as the curator.
    • The STM Daily Scheduler – The daily scheduler is an application I wrote using Visual Basic. This application is used daily to assign STM’s to the different work areas including the Duty Office, Firing Rooms 1, 3 and 4. This application also identifies key operations and STM assignments for Mobil Launch Platform moves, Solid Rocket Motor moves and various tasks orchestrated from the firing rooms.
    • The STM Weekly Work Schedule – The work schedule is an application I wrote to replace a paper schedule listing each STM and the days shift and hours to be worked. I wrote this application using Visual Basic.
Duty Officer

The Kennedy Space Center Duty Office is manned 24 hours 7 days a week by the STM on a rotating schedule, in the Launch Control Center. I man this position on a shift basis in rotation with coworkers.

  • General Responsibility – As a Duty Officer it is my responsibility to conduct ground support systems daily tasks, maintenance and operations, including outages and work orders. STM functions described above are also performed from this console during off shifts, weekends and holidays and when manning is not required in the firing rooms. The Duty Office is the central location for coordinating contract and subcontract maintenance and work activities throughout the complex. The Duty Office handle calls for any and all issues, contacts and general information. It is a catch-all for questionable situations.
  • Central Point of Contact – The Duty Office is also a central point for reporting trouble calls regarding major facility systems including elevator malfunctions, power disturbances, HVAC problems and potable/waste water issues. As the central point of contact the Duty Officer is often contacted about general complex information and provides a recorded phone message several times a day to update the shuttle status and major activities occurring in the processing and launching of the Space Shuttle.
  • Weather Events – The Duty Office is the prime manager for weather events that effect the Space Center. The Duty officer is responsible for managing weather information, notifications and recording weather events for all of the Kennedy Space Center. This activity includes coordination with the United States Air Force at Patrick Air Force Base 45th weather squadron for weather information acquisition data entry into the weather event database and public address announcements Center wide notifying all personnel regarding weather hazards.