Welcome to my personal web site.

Thank you for coming by. I have created this web site to provide prospective employers and other interested organizations an opportunity to know more about me when considering me for positions to be filled within an organization or other opportunities. It is my intent to provide this information to supplement my resume, biography and expand upon the limited information a resume provides. For a secure PDF copy of my detailed resume click Joseph William D’Aulerio Resume (Detailed) For a sorter version click Joseph William D’Aulerio Resume (Shortened). Thanks again for coming by.

Positive Attitude – Cooperative Spirit – Together We Can Get Things Done

These are the three most profound philosophies that I have adopted over the years and to which I like to share with my coworkers where ever I am. These ideas are what I believe make me successful in the things I do and with the people I work with.

Stick To The Plan

*  Always key. Make sure the plan is good and then get to it.
*  When we encounter an obstacle, lets find a way around it and get back on track.
*  Pay attention to the time line, adjust where and when we can to make up for short falls and carefully acceleration where we can.
*  Never lose sight of the goal and when complete, move on to the next opportunity.

Make Tough Choices

I see making tough choices as a key element in making a good leader. Making a tough choice has to be well thought out. I look at all the options, weigh the impacts and even at my own stake choose what is right, for the success of the organization. A tough choice, but in the end, the right choice.

Celebrate Success!

*  Success is often not a one person achievement. I like to acknowledge the whole team for a job well done.
*  The toughest part of a job is to remember to take a moment and look back at the accomplishment. We depend on a lot of people to get the job done and moving on without recognition impacts the future.
*  I think it is important to celebrating success even it it is only a smile at the end of the day.

What I Don’t Like

I do not like to say “no, that can’t be done”, but instead I would rather say “let’s try it this way”. There are many ways to get from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’, I like to pick the best one that will get the job done.

What I am proud of

I am proud of many things, launching the Space Shuttle, my family, my wife, my religion and three books I have published. I am not done either, I have my sights on my next accomplishment and I will add that soon!